I am a London based artist and designer, LEONOR is my artist’s name. 

I have always been drawn to textural things…I love complex textures of rocks and stones, peeled walls, carved stone and wooden flowers, textures of textiles, embroideries and lace.

Always, I wanted to create art with relief, with a 3-D element to it, but it took some time for me to find my way of doing that, to find a way of expressing myself.

After a long long time of experimenting and testing various materials and mediums, I collected piece by piece my selection of techniques which now enables me to realise my ideas.

Now I can create the textured art I want, both abstract and floral, using my variety of media and my techniques making my art ‘my unique art’ which I am fully aligned with and which reflects me at this time.

…My motto is ‘Art is a journey’.

So many times I thought ‘It’s done (technique, subject matter), now I can draw the line’… but you can’t draw the line in creativity.

It’s a never-ending path, an adventure with new unexpected horizons opening all the time. My current obsessions are women and flowers…women, nude or in opulent textiles, in fantastical settings…layers of textures and materials in an eclectic flamboyant mix.

So much inspiration, so many ideas…

New work is coming soon.